Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My Experience as a GCI participant for Sugar Labs

About Sugar:

Sugar is one of the great ways to enlighten your classrooms and also it is very easy and really very simple to use. Along with that it is totally free. Also "it is available in 25 languages and these activities are used everyday in school by nearly 3 million people and in more than forty countries."

It serves a great educational purpose which is helped by its 100+ volunteers.
It's very helpful for student life. Every student should learn computer science because without computer we cannot improve of our life in today’s era.

There are games that prompts the user to identify the image and boosts their memories.

Pupils here are connected with there friends and they can share their views regarding this with each other and also the activities such as "peer editing are just a mouse click away" which often develops the ability to work as a team.

"It encourages critical thinking which is  heart of a quality education and is designed from the ground up especially for children."
It concentrates on graphical expression by pupils which are very new to programming and also teaches the pupils on how to set and achieve goals in their lives.

In my perspective this is a kind of a social service for all the world as it is a non-profitable organisation. "Just as learning is not something done to you, but something you do, learning with Sugar ultimately means participating in the Sugar development process. Sugar is a free and open-source software." So what are you waiting for, try it with your siblings, students and children as it is exceptionally good...

My Experience:

I as a Google Code-In contestant had a great fun working for the Sugar Labs.Also I have gained a lot of knowledge about this company who engages even the youngest learner in the use of computer as a brilliant companion to be with.

"They will quickly become proficient in using the computer as a tool to engage in authentic problem-solving. Sugar users develop skills that help them in all aspects of life."

"At Sugar Labs, we are trying to bring the culture of Free Software into the culture of school. So the Code-in is not just an opportunity for us to get some tasks accomplished, it is quintessential to our overall mission."

I had my first experience to interview someone and it was quite exciting to interview my school teacher for this. I had a great time working with this company. And also would like to appreciate the response of the mentors for my each and every query.
Finally I was able to get my task approved successfully. You can view the task done by me at: Interview

Some Improvements which I feel was needed was the awareness which could be spread through other social medias so that common people could know about it.

People usually are not aware of such a company and through social posts one could get a better review of sugar labs. I came to know a lot about this company and also learnt its advantage. Knowing about this has helped me a lot now. So I guess there is a need to spread awareness.

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